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Nuttall Oak

(Quercus nuttalli)

Mature Size:  70-80' x 40-50'

USDA Hardiness Zone:  6-8  (View Hardiness Zone Map)

Root Pruned:  Yes

Outstanding Characteristics:  Fast growing broadleaf oak with red/orange fall color.  Fibrous root system, transplants easily.

Notes:  Thin bark susceptible to sun scald, protect with shade cloth when staging for summer installation. We recommend a systemic pesticide the first year after transplanting to control borers. 

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Tree Sizes

  • Nuttall Oak 3"
  • Nuttall Oak 3.5"
  • Nuttall Oak 4"
  • Nuttall Oak 4.5''
  • Nuttall Oak 5"
  • Nuttall Oak 5.5"
  • Nuttall Oak 6"