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Brandywine Red Maple

(Acer rubrum 'Brandywine')

Mature Size:  Medium to large Shade Tree

USDA Hardiness Zone:  3-9  (View Hardiness Zone Map)

Root Pruned:  No

Outstanding Characteristics:  'Brandywine' is a US National Arboretum introduction with an upright growth habit and excellent fall color. It has signficant resistance to potato leafhopper.

Notes:  First among red maples for fall color at Hunter Trees, one of our favorites.  Tough tree, compared to other red maples.  Use in the landscape surrounded by plant material, grass, or natural areas to protect from excess heat.


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Tree Sizes

  • Brandywine Red Maple 2"
  • Brandywine Red Maple 2.5"
  • Brandywine Red Maple 3"