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Green Japanese Maple MT

(Acer palmatum)

Mature Size:  15-20' x 15-20'

USDA Hardiness Zone:  5-9  (View Hardiness Zone Map)

Root Pruned:  No

Outstanding Characteristics:  Small, usually multi-trunked ornamental used as a specimen tree in protected or shady areas. Green summer foliage, red/orange/yellow mix of fall colors.

Notes:  We cut our Japanese Maples back at an early age to encourage multiple trunks that originate close to the ground. Most are wide as they are tall and heavy calipered for thier height. Planted in full sun, they will suffer die back at the tips of the branches in the heat of the late summer. 

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Tree Sizes

  • Green Japanese Maple 7' MT
  • Green Japanese Maple 15gal.
  • Green Japanese Maple 8' MT