About Hunter Trees


About: Hunter Trees, LLC produces over 100 varieties of premium field-grown shade trees (2”-9” caliper), evergreen trees (5’-25’), and ornamental trees (2”-6” caliper and 6’-22’) on 225 irrigated acres in central Alabama. Recently we have added a line of 15 gallon container trees to production featuring some of our more popular and hard-to-find varieties. Our background in high-end residential contracting give’s Hunter Trees a unique perspective in providing select trees and service to discriminating landscape architects and contractors.

Products: Over 100 varieties of trees range in size from 15 gallon containers to 9” caliper. We coordinate our product line with the demands of our market area; considering a mix of plant hardiness, growth habit, availability, and new trends. Up-to-date inventory can be found at www.huntertrees.com along with characteristics and photos of each variety.

Performance: Hunter Trees has gained a reputation among landscape architects for providing quality products and service to the trade. Production practices include timely pruning, staking, fertilization and pest control. Our 19 years of experience as a provider and previously, as landscape contractors, gives us a unique perspective about the demands of timeliness and handling on the jobsite.

Sustainability: Hunter Trees utilizes production methods with the long term health of our trees in mind. We train shade trees with central leaders and branching heights starting at 5.5’. Drip irrigation, fertilization and root pruning are utilized to promote dense root systems for transplanting success. Our nursery layout is designed to take advantage of natural soil and site conditions for production, access, and drainage.

Logistics:  In order to have better control over delivery we have our own fleet of trucks and trailers: 4 tractors, flatbed and step-deck trailers, and a short truck.  In summer of 2017, we upgraded our tractor trailers to a 'For Hire' status, MC37372.  Contact Phillip Hunter to inquire about transporting your trees or other materials.

Terms and Conditions: Ready to place an order?  Please review our latest terms and conditions for details on everything from ordering, payment, to shipping.  Give one of our sales representatives a call for any clarification needed.  We try to keep it simple for everyone.